Measure Your Space

  1. Measure all wall lengths and angles.
  2. Measure ceiling height and bulkheads.
  3. Measure location and size of doors/door trim and windows/window trim.
  4. Measure plumbing and decide where to locate the centre of your sink.
  5. Measure the sizes of your appliances and note where they are located on the layout.
  6. Note location of plugs, light switches, ventilation, gas lines, and heating ducts.
  7. It would be a good idea to take pictures of your space.
  8. Note location of lights (cabinet doors may bump into lights when opening).
  9. If you are covering existing flooring, be sure to note floor measurements of existing cabinets.
  10. Be aware of all entrances required to deliver and install cabinetry.
  11. Remember, you can also search the web to find lots of information and tips on measuring your space.
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